MARK SMOLEN 


Teacher/Trainer of Computer Software and Academic subjects.

The students I serve will always receive the clearest possible explanation. Not all lessons can be entertaining, but they all can be effective. My methods are appropriate for all ages and learning styles. They have been effective for literally thousands of New Your City students who have given overwhelming positive feedback.


Over 2 decades of teaching in NYC is like teaching every country in the world. I have connected with so many great students who have given me the experience of their country as they learn. They adapt to this country as they gain important skills and knowledge. Helping them get a better job has always been a blessing for both of us.  


The lesson plans I have created are my life's work. I tried to be better than any writer and director in Hollywood when I make a plan about how to teach. I enjoy creating and editing lesson. Making a plan that you know will work is very satisfying. When the lesson is done it's a pleasure to see and hear the satisfaction of students. Teaching really is an art. It's something you work on as you create and enjoy as you do it.




Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Clients get the best possible service with a clear strait forward procedure that you can easily understand. After a brief interview, I will tailor make your file for you and deliver the best possible training to suit your needs.

Delivering quality service involves both learning about and relating to clients.  Different people learn differently. It's best to have an experienced teacher who cares about your business as if it is his own. We then train together on the file I made. We will learn the procedures that will make QuickBooks work for your specific needs.


I make videos for each action or concept. They are custom made for only you and your business. The videos are so clear, even someone who did not have training can do most of the data entry by watching the videos I include with the service. They are a permanent reminder of the training.


I'm always happy to give call in support until clients are comfortably self-sufficient. I can always work with you either in house or remotely to clarify and troubleshoot until you are at the proper comfort level.