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Everything you need QuickBooks for will be delivered smoothly and easily! Your business is as unique as you are. It needs different things from QuickBooks that others may not need. I have helped every type of business owner address their individual special QuickBooks issues. Every QuickBooks student has their own way of learning. I have taught every part of the QuickBooks Software to every different kind of student. No matter what learning issues you have or what your company needs, I have a plan for you that will work seamlessly. Clients get immediate service when calling in for help. You will never have stress trying to remember what we learned in a session; you will get free videos that remind you of every QuickBooks procedure you need for your company. After your interview and learning sessions, you will be ready to use QuickBooks without any additional stress and you are free to focus on the parts of your business that really need your time and attention. You will have confidence that all your books and records are correct to the last detail and you can always find and fix what you may need to in seconds.


About My Videos

Students learning QuickBooks. My QuickBooks Instructional video courses are the most popular and successful QuickBooks instructional courses on YouTube and Udemy. Thousands of satisfied students have left dozens of wonderful comments about how my QuickBooks specialty courses have helped them and their business. I guarantee the clearest possible explanation of the topics you need to learn in QuickBooks. When you finish, you will be at an expert level in QuickBooks and be able to make your books and records work perfectly for everything you need them for.



QuickBooks Set up and Train:

This service is a very simple 3 step Process:

  1. We will do a Free 1-hour interview for me to gain an understanding of how your business operates. We will address anything unique about your business. This will help me determine how your QuickBooks file should be set up and what procedures you must do
  2. We do live training, either in person or via the internet. During the training, you will learn QuickBooks from beginner to advanced. You will see how the software will work best for you when you allow me to custom make procedures that you will be learning how to do in your QuickBooks file.  I will be learning about all the details of your business as we do the training. This will help me determine procedures that you will do to make your QuickBooks records perfect!
  3. You will receive free videos of the training session and procedures that we establish that will ensure perfect QuickBooks accuracy and make using QuickBooks simple. You never have to stress about remembering anything we learned or spoke about during a session.


Only for each of the first 3 hours, $75 per hour (not including the free interview at the beginning). After the third hour, $35 per hour as a permanent rate. Most people need between 4 – 6 hours. Nobody has ever needed more than 8 hours.

Contact Information:

Mark Smolen


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