I have guaranteed solutions, developed from experience, for: Bookkeepers, Small Business Owners, Accountants or anyone else needing anything QuickBooks.

My combination of live sessions with affordable QuickBooks courses, is the really the best QuickBooks service you can get. They are just a few minuets to a few hours of watching. The videos are GUARANTEED to give you 90% to 100% of what anyone could need. After that, you may have what you need (The videos are that good!!). If not, then you will only need 1-3 hours of live work with me for anything specific in your situation.

I can help you with:

  • Set-up new file or Q.B.O. account for your company
  • Data transfer from new system to old and vice versa
  • Clean up and make numbers correct
  • Train staff on most effective use of QuickBooks to get out the most benefit form all features
  • Get More 1 On 1 Attention Than A Live Class!! 
  • No Need To Take Notes, The Classes Are With You Forever
  • Just Purchase One Of The Video Courses Available And Get Unlimited Free Questions And Answers For Anything In The Videos And The Course Material.
  • Get Live Tutoring At The Half-Priced Rate Of $200 Per Hour with The Purchase Of Any Course

You cannot rewind a teacher or ask the teacher to explain something at any time you pick up your phone. But, these videos can be with you instantly when you need the teacher to remind you of something you need to do in QuickBooks. This arrangement is best for students who want to learn and remember better.

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